More Flow, More Grow, More Dough!

At Ketcham Supply, we consider ourselves something of a pioneer in the oyster farming industry. We manufactured our first oyster cage way back in the 1980’s out of lobster trap wire. Since then, we’ve learned a ton by working closely with the producers of some of the most popular brands of oyster.

So when we say ‘More Flow, More Grow, More Dough!’ — what does this mean exactly? Flow is the name of the game; the roomier the oyster bag bays, the more water flows around between the bags. This means more food is available, the oysters eat more and grow faster. And THAT leads to quicker harvests, which means more ‘dough’. And more dough means more investment, more innovation, and even more success!

Designing Cages with better water flow entails more than you might think. The cages need to be sturdy enough to hold the final harvest of plump oysters and durable enough to withstand the harsh marine environment. We worked with Riverdale Mills to provide us with the highest-quality anodized wire and with the most resilient coating. We found that 8 gauge wire with 4.5″ mesh provides the optimal flow and sufficient strength while maintaining the proper ergonomics to make the farming manageable. Meanwhile, we sized the bays to comfortably fit either boxed or square mesh bags or sealed one-end diamond (pillowcase style) bags.

Speaking of innovation, not every farm is alike. One of the best things we offer is the benefit of our experience, and the flexibility – since we manufacture our cages – to tailor gear to meet specific challenges that a farm might offer. We work with growers all the time to configure gear in different ways. So feel free to contact us for advice.

At Ketcham Supply we are always looking for ways to bring innovation to the market. We work with our customers, suppliers, and industry experts to keep advancing oyster farming. It’s our passion and it shows!