Change The Game! Introducing Sæplast Insulated Coolers!

Saeplast DWS352 Wet Storage Container

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our lineup; the full range of Saeplast insulated coolers, including the game-changing DWS352 recirculating box!

Unmatched Performance

The Saeplast DWS352 boast features designed to optimize your farming process! These cutting-edge bins are revolutionizing the way we approach oyster farming and trapping. Let’s dive into what makes them so remarkable.

Perfect Oxygenation

With a large capacity water flow, these bins ensure each shellfish receives optimal oxygenation for maximum vitality. 

Effortless Emptying

Thanks to four drain plugs, emptying the bins is a breeze, guaranteeing 100% efficiency every time.

Modular Design

Easily stackable for stability and space-saving convenience, these bins are designed with your workflow in mind.


Utilizing RFID and Bar Code options, you can track your inventory with ease, streamlining your management processes.

High Water Flow

With a flow rate of 12 to 15,000 Liters per hour, these bins are ideal for shellfish cleaning, ensuring top-notch hygiene standards.


Seamless Results

From water channels to waste separators, these bins come fully equipped with everything you need for efficient operation.

Ease of Handling

Featuring four lifting handles, transporting these bins is a cinch, making your workflow smoother than ever.

Optional Lid:

Need extra protection? No problem! An optional lid is available for added security and peace of mind.

Tailored For Your Needs 

Designed specifically for the trapping market, these containers offer a versatile solution for every stage of your operation. From harvesting on the water to purging within the plant, the DWS352 container streamlines your processes, saving you time and effort.

Efficiency Redefined

Integrated water channels and easy release plugs, the Sæplast DWS352 operates seamlessly without the need for external connections, making them suitable for both closed and open-looped systems.